MAP™ powered DUPLEX F2 establishes a new era of FDM printing generating higher productivity and ROI for your business.

When should you choose the DUPLEX F2 printer?

If you want

to build large formats faster!

If you are tired

of the tedious supporting process from setting the support up to removing it from the finished print.

When you want to build

complex geometries for modelling, functional prototyping!

If you want a heavy

duty versatile FDM printer that sets a new industry standard!

Health & Medical

Possible utilization areas

  • Final fitting prototypes for prosthetic applications
  • Patient specific ventillating casts
  • Presurgical planning models
  • Medical education anatomy models
  • Medical moldmaking patterns
  • Surgical guides and tooling

Engineering / Prototyping

Possible utilization areas

  • Rapid prototyping of part iterations
  • Jigs and fixtures for the manufacturing floor
  • Printing of complex generative design models
  • Creating of large size functional parts
  • Metal casting patterns

Technical Sports

Possible utilization areas

  • Fast functional prototyping of parts for technical sports
  • Glass fiber / carbon fiber tooling
  • Custom non-load bearing internal parts
  • Custom tubes and air vents

Retail & Signage

Possible utilization areas

  • Large sized company / brand signage
  • Tailor-made mannequins
  • Custom interior design components
  • Decorations tooling / patterns

Design & Architecture

Possible utilization areas

  • Architectural models
  • Mass models / structural planning models
  • Interior design components
  • Custom furniture / lighting components