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The new generation of FDM printers!

DUPLEX F2 is developed based on the patented MAP™ technology, enabling the printing of an object from two different directions at the same time.

The new DUPLEX F2 printer is designed for heavy, industrial application, built from quality parts and assembled with precision to assure the long lasting quality and reliability this new technology truly deserves. Thanks to the multi-directional part growing, the DUPLEX F2 is up to 5-times faster than similar FDM printers due to the combination of its unique features:


Less to no supports​

Supports structures are unneccessary for a large portion of geometries

Fully automated

Autonomous operation of multiple print directions

Wide range of thermoplastics

Applicable to PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA and more

Designed for large builds

Build envelopes designed to fit most parts in our target industries

Smart processing

Proprietary slicing software to handle two-way printing​

High speed printing

Optimized for BASF filaments including PLA PRO1

Key Innovations

  • MAP™ technology parallel, simultaneous printing from multiple directions on the same object
  • Automated mid-section system allows the automatic removal of mid-plate to allow the bottom extruder to access the object and enable parallel printing from top and bottom at the same time
  • Proprietary DUPLEX software to handle unique MAP™ slicing needs The DUPLEX processing software is a powerful, software tool for 2-way part slicing.
  • Auto check system advanced part error recognition algorithm
  • Mash auto calibration mesh plate calibration for perfect part operation
  • Auto cooling mechanism automated heating and cooling of the build chamber
  • Remote access WIFI connected to the network for monitoring and control
  • Remote intervention Maintenance routines are carried out over the air by our DUPLEX technicians.

Technical Parameters

Built Volume

Diameter – 400mm

Height – 1000mm

Machine Dimensions​

Width – 880mm

Debth – 106mm

Height – 2400mm


PEI covered print plate up to 130 C

Heated Chamber up to 80 C

Z layer resolution 50 – 600 micron

Remote software control

Fully automated system

Fully automated sytem


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