DUPLEX 3D GmbH is a German startup company headquartered it the Technologiezentrum (TZA) at the Augsburg Innovationspark!  The company was formed to develop, manufacture and distribute new technology based industrial 3D printers, focusing on their patented MAP™ technology that enables two-directional 3D printing.

The Technologiezentrum at Augsburg Innovationspark is the perfect location for DUPLEX aiming at revolutionizing industrial FDM 3D printing. As with all game-changing innovations the newcomer needs to have a thorough understanding of the entered industry and its ecosystem. TZA hosts a great mix of experienced, innovation focused and new technology-based smaller companies and actively generates knowledge sharing among them to speed up their innovation process. The atmosphere at TZA, its interconnectivity among all industry stakeholders provides the best soil for the DUPLEX 3D to speed up the successful commercial launch of the new F2 printer.


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