Rapid functional prototyping of complex, elongated shapes

Brača-Sport has been using DUPLEX’s F2 industrial 3D printers to bring down their 90 days prototyping cycle to a mere 2 days and also to cut down their mold-making costs.

Rapid Prototyping for R&D labs, Automotive and Technical Sports

Functional prototyping is one of the key areas

where 3D printing has been able to add great value to the innovation processes of several industries.

However, the creation of ready-to-use, real-size functional prototypes of long and complex shapes was not possible without the use of extensive support structures requiring human labor intensive post processing.

The MAP™ powered two-directional printing – building the object from its mid-section – allows DUPLEX F2 to efficiently print elongated and curved shaped functional prototypes the same day it comes off the desk of the designers.

Thanks to its effective heated chamber, DUPLEX F2 can print engineering plastics, such as PC, and even carbon- and glass reinforced PA materials, producing not only ready-to-use functional prototypes, but even end-parts.


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